KOSHER MEAT 4 U SRL was established in 2015 and it is the first Romanian company that its sole goal is to specialize in kosher meat production and kosher products. The founders have many years of experience in Romanian poultry industry and had teamed with experts in Kosher production and in the European Kosher market.

We are constantly expanding our product range which currently includes chicken and turkey products.

Our main activity at the moment is exporting frozen raw poultry meat, poultry products ready to cook and special cuts to the European market, retail and bulk under various Kosher supervisions.

We believe that the kosher market in Europe is ripe for changes and is looking for additional and innovative items, new standards and is ready for a boost that we believe we are creating.  

Thanks to our good relations and investments, we are very flexible and able to fulfil individual customer requirements, especially regarding customization of goods and packaging.

All our products meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured under various Hashgachot (more info in the kosher tab).

Every community that is looking for special kosher production for their Kehila is welcome to check possibilities with us.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Kosher Meat 4 U team. 

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